Qualche nostro ieri

Salotto Studio presents Qualche Nostro Ieri, the first solo exhibition of Xiao Zhiyu (Xupu, 1995).

The show collects a series of canvases and watercolors made from 2020 to today. The works on display are revealed in the delicacy of the tones, harmonious glimpses, and sensitivity in the analysis of the characters.

Xiao Zhiyu (Xupu, 1995) is a Chinese artist living in Helsinki, where he is currently completing his MFA in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. The his research mainly focuses on the specificity of the medium of painting, the process of archiving works, and exhibition practice as network- relational thinking. She studied at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and at Aalto University before obtaining a BFA in Painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti
of Florence, Italy.